As long as Covid infections remain high in Springfield, and Missouri, we will be on Zoom. We will return to Church when the risk is lower.

Fall Session 2021

This fall Robert Berg will be guiding us through a study of the book of Romans. If you want a book to work through, Bob has recommended When in Romans: An Invitation to Linger with the Gospel according to Paul. Link to Amazon

After our ordinary celebration for the first Sunday of September, we will begin. We will end our study at the beginning of Advent.

September 12Bob BergRomans
September 19No Sunday SchoolChurch will be at 10 am to honor Pastor Charlie and Lil for their 25 years of service to ET followed by a catered lunch.
September 26Bob BergRomans
October 3Bob BergRomans: How to read Romans and Letter Form
October 10Bob BergRomans
October 17Bob BergRomans
October 24Bob BergRomans
October 31Bob BergRomans
November 7Bob BergRomans
November 14Bob BergRomans
November 21Bob BergRomans
November 28Rumyana HristovaRepresentations of Jesus in William Blake's art and writings
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell history (Link may be slow)
Original graphic with transcription When you arrive at the page, click on the Diplomatic Transcription link at the bottom of the page. (Link may be slow, be patient)

Advent and the New Year

We need two more volunteers for the 12th, and 19th of December. Please, if you have a presentation for some Sunday in Advent you think we should all hear, notify Marty Mittelstadt or Doug Olena. Otherwise Marty will present on the “Gifts of the Spirit.” The Sunday after Christmas is up in the air. Help us decide what to do at this time.

We are having a vaccinated party on January 2nd! The party will be at Christie Tosh's house. Details will be forthcoming, Thanks!

December 5Geoff SuttonSymbolism in the Birth Stories
December 12VolunteerAdvent
December 19VolunteerAdvent
December 26What to do??Day After Christmas
January 2Party at Christie Tosh's house 6 PM. Details and map coming soon enough.

Spring Session 2022

This Spring, we will be using a book by Forrest Carter, The Education of Little Tree as an outline for a discussion of Native American history and spirituality. Link to Amazon

From the Publisher's introduction:
Teenagers took to the book almost as a cult. The values as well as the prose touched many who didn’t usually read. Younger children found Little Tree on their own. Librarians began to find Little Tree missing from the shelves. Students of Native American life discovered the book to be as accurate as it was mystical and romantic. Elementary-school teachers learned that Little Tree fascinated their seemingly world-weary charges. But most generally the love of Little Tree passed from reader to reader with the increasingly hard-to-find borrowed copy of the book.

Little Tree is a charming 150 page book that touches nearly every topic of Native American and First People's life in relation to culture in early 20th Century North America. There is even a series of issues that revolve around Native American spirituality and Christianity.

I suggest you obtain the book and read it now then volunteer on some part of the book that especially fascinates you. We don't have to read the book in sequence, the topics found in it can be put in any order.

We will begin class on the 9th of January with a collection of our local voices, and maybe further on, some guests.

January 9Doug OlenaIntroduction to The Education of Little Tree and some Native American history
January 16Doug Olena“Little Tree” and “The Way”
January 23Volunteer“Little Tree”
January 30Volunteer“Little Tree”
February 6Lois OlenaThe Ojibway Medicine Wheel and Native spirituality.
Book resource: God is Red: A Native View of Religion
February 13Volunteer“Little Tree”
February 20Volunteer“Little Tree”
February 27Volunteer“Little Tree”
March 6Volunteer“Little Tree”
March 13Volunteer“Little Tree”
March 20Volunteer“Little Tree”
March 27Marty Mittelstadt“The Dog Star” Indian reeducation schools
April 3Volunteer“Little Tree”
April 10Volunteer“Little Tree”
April 17Doug OlenaPentecostal and Native American spirituality and The Journal of John Woolman
April 24Volunteer“Little Tree”
May 1Volunteer“Little Tree”

Summer Session 2022

This Summer, like last summer we will be exploring Portraits of Paul