Our class meets in room 235 in the Education wing of Evangel Temple.

Download the 2022 Christmas book from Life Together members

Fall Session 2022

We will be exploring a variety of issues in the Fall. Joining us in September is Ben Aker. Marty Mittelstadt will be leading us also. We may also see John Schmaltzbauer.

September 4Party To Be AnnouncedProbably Panera
September 11Ben AkerLuke 3:16
September 18Ben AkerIsaiah 40
Matthew Metanarrative Worksheet
September 25Ben AkerNew research
October 2Marty MittelstadtCalling
October 9Marty MittelstadtCalling
October 16Ben AkerMatthew: Greek Word Study on Kingdom
October 23Marty MittelstadtCalling
October 30No Sunday SchoolChurch Funday
November 6Marty MittelstadtCalling
November 13Marty MittelstadtCalling
November 20Marty MittelstadtCalling
November 27Marty MittelstadtCalling
December 4Doug OlenaMeditations on Christmas
December 11Marty MittelstadtCalling
December 18Marty MittelstadtCalling
December 25ChristmasNo Sunday School

Winter Session 2023

Marty will use January to finish off his exploration of Calling.

January 1New Year's DayNo Sunday School
January 8Panera Party9 am, 1570 E Battlefield Rd
January 15Marty MittelstadtCalling
January 22Marty MittelstadtCalling
January 29Marty MittelstadtCalling

Spring Session 2023

Marty and I looked at three books. Please take a look at them and choose one. Alternatively, pick a book you think will work for the next three months and offer it as a class book.

  1. Generous Justice by Tim Keller
  2. Tim Stagner introduced us to this book in 2020 during our reading of Amos, and we thought it might be helpful to go through it in some detail.

  3. The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism by Tim Keller
  4. This book can help a believer understand some of the subtleties of living in Christ in the modern age. It is not so much an apologetic as a plea for conversation in God without the comfort of absolutes. Keller is a great writer and each chapter is accessible and rich. There is plenty of fodder for the technical reader and artistically inclined.

  5. Do I Stay Christian: A Guide for the Doubters, the Disappointed, and the Disillusioned by Brian McLaren
  6. This book is new this year and has three sections. The first is the No answer, the second, Yes, and the third How. This book is both apologetic for Christ and Christianity and gives fair reason for Church critics. I don't suppose this will be an easy read, but it would be good for those who wish to have a conversation about Christ with insiders and outsiders.

February 5VolunteerTo be decided…
February 12VolunteerTo be decided…
February 19VolunteerTo be decided…
February 26VolunteerTo be decided…
March 5VolunteerTo be decided…
March 12VolunteerTo be decided…
March 19VolunteerTo be decided…
March 26VolunteerTo be decided…
April 2VolunteerTo be decided…
April 9VolunteerTo be decided…
April 16VolunteerTo be decided…
April 23VolunteerTo be decided…
April 30VolunteerTo be decided…

Summer Session 2023

This season, we will be asking the class to provide meditations on the book of Psalms. This may be personal, devotional, literary, scientific, or any approach that you have found edifying. Please feel free to volunteer for as many weeks as you want. Let Marty or Doug know if there is a week that suits you.

May 7VolunteerThe Book of Psalms
May 14VolunteerThe Book of Psalms
May 21VolunteerThe Book of Psalms
May 28VolunteerThe Book of Psalms
June 4VolunteerThe Book of Psalms
June 11VolunteerThe Book of Psalms
June 18VolunteerThe Book of Psalms
June 25VolunteerThe Book of Psalms
July 2VolunteerThe Book of Psalms
July 9VolunteerThe Book of Psalms
July 16VolunteerThe Book of Psalms
July 23VolunteerThe Book of Psalms
July 30VolunteerThe Book of Psalms
August 6VolunteerThe Book of Psalms
August 13VolunteerThe Book of Psalms
August 20VolunteerThe Book of Psalms
August 27VolunteerThe Book of Psalms